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Lipids and Risk of Prostate Cancer (Video)

Dr. Barken discusses this journal article published in 2011 Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Disease in a 5 minute video clip.

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Imaging of Residual Tumor During Prostatectomy (Clinical Trial)

This clinical trial was discussed on the Ask Dr. Barken Call-In Show.

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Tues.June 28- Ask Dr. Barken Show – Intermittent HB, F-18 PET Bone scan, Nomogram for Late Rectal Syndrome after Radiation

Ask Dr. Barken Weekly Telephone Call-In Show Prostate Cancer Research and Education Foundation Tuesday, June 28, 2011   To subscribe, scroll down or email  Coaching with Dr. Barken    3 New Educational Segments Every Week Do you need Dr. Barken … Continue reading

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