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Enzalutamide monotherapy in Hormone-Naïve Prostate Cancer

Enzalutamide Monotherapy in Hormone Naïve Prostate Cancer.

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Cryo Immunotherapy Part 1

Dr. Barken presents the history of cryoablation and the new developments in the field of immunology which will create enhancement of the Immune effect on metastatic disease in response to cryoablation of local tumor.

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OligoMetastatic Prostate Cancer – Lecture by Eugene Kwon M.D.

Eugene Kwon M.D.  at the PCRI 2014 Annual Meeting. Topic : OligoMetastatic Prostate Cancer Disease. Dr. Kwon brings examples of Choline 11 PET scans as a tool to find location of metastatic lesions.  These  targets can be treated and also watched … Continue reading

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Circulating Epithelial Tumor Cells

Interview with Peter Pachmann about Mmaintrac Click here to send a video question and you will get an e mail video reply

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Phase III Prostvac Clinical Study

Immune Therapy is an important tool for advanced prostate cancer disease, especially in older patients for whom chemotherapy is excluded because of other serious medical problems. Dr. Barken presents the Prostvac Clinical Study Phase III with a video clip featuring … Continue reading

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Management of Stage D1 Prostate Cancer- The Johns Hopkins Experience

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Treatment options post Taxotere

Question of the week:  What’s available after Taxotere for a patient with bone metastatic disease? Dr. Barken talks to a caller about his options for treatment after chemotherapy. For the Ask Dr Barken Call In Show on Tuesday, Dec. 18th at 6pm … Continue reading

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