Phase III Prostvac Clinical Study

Immune Therapy is an important tool for advanced prostate cancer disease, especially in older patients for whom chemotherapy is excluded because of other serious medical problems.
Dr. Barken presents the Prostvac Clinical Study Phase III with a video clip featuring Dr. James Gulley who discusses the mode of action of Prostvac. The uniqueness of Prostvac is explained by Dr. Barken.
Patients selected for the study are those with Metastatic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer, but who are minimally or only mildly symptomatic.
In addition, Dr. Barken mentions pending clinical studies for patients with low risk disease. For patients who are candidates for active surveillance, the immune therapy with Prostvac will be a primary treatment. The clinical approach of combining Prostvac with Anti Androgens (Enzalutamide/Xtandi) is emphasized.
Dr. Israel Barken is the Medical Director of the Prostate Cancer Research and Education Foundation.


Mechanism of action of Prostvac explained by Dr. James Gulley.


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