Testosterone Replacement in Prostate Cancer Patients

The issue of Testosterone Replacement comes up frequently during my coaching sessions, so here is some educational information on this popular topic.  An article published in January examines the safety of Testosterone Replacement in men with known cardiac disease.  I am posting the free article below to alert patients.

The article : Increased Risk of Non-Fatal Myocardial Infarction Following Testosterone Therapy Prescription  in Men.

At the 24th International Prostate Cancer Meeting in Veil, Dr.Leonard Gomella from Jefferson University gave the following lecture:   Testosterone Replacement in Prostate Cancer Patients.  ( Courtesy of Uro-Today)

Dr. Barken’s comment:  Patients can learn about testosterone replacement in the video below.  Testosterone replacement for symptomatic low testosterone should be discussed with every patient, looking at risk/benefit ratio, and giving greater attention to proper selection of patients.  

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