Carbon Acetate PET Scans – Clinical Trials

Dr. Fabio Almeida introduces 3 clinical studies conducted by the Arizona Molecular Imaging Center.

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1 Response to Carbon Acetate PET Scans – Clinical Trials

  1. Jack Wilson says:

    The C-11 Acetate clinical study requires an out of pocket $3,000 payment last time I checked. C-11 choline at Mayo Clinic Rochester has received approval by the FDA and the Center for Medicare Services (CMS) on March 13. Their approval was not a blanket national approval, but left it up to the Medicare contractors (MACs) to decide if this will be covered in their area. I have recurrent prostate cancer and I have been off Lupron for almost three months. I am waiting for my PSA to rise above 1.0 and then I will schedule a C-11 choline scan at Mayo.