Radiation Treatment Options for Low- Intermediate Prostate Cancer.

Topic: Management of low- intermediate prostate cancer by using radiation treatment. 

Ask Dr Barken Call In Program –

The following questions were asked on previous Ask Dr. Barken Call In Show and are going to be broadcast again on Tuesday, March 4 at 6pm Pacific Time. Dial 1-877-

727-3301 to hear the program.

Questions of the week: How do different types of radiation compare in regards to efficacy, side effects and survival.  Dr. Blasko will answer these questions in his video presentation.

Ask Dr. Barken Video Blog:

Dr. Barken presents a video of a lecture given by Dr. John Blasko at the annual PCRI meeting 2012.

John Blasko, MD is a pioneer and long-time proponent for and investigator of the use of brachytherapy for the treatment of localized prostate cancer. He is a radiation oncologist based in Seattle, WA.

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