Choline 11 PET Scan lecture by Dr. Eugene Kwon

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3 Responses to Choline 11 PET Scan lecture by Dr. Eugene Kwon

  1. joseph macisaac says:

    Hi found your presentation very helpful;I have had my prostate removed due to cancer.P.S.A. 4.9 Gleason 6.Praying my psa remains at 0.00.What would be the cost of that coliene 11 pet can as I live in Canada. ‘Yours. Truly Joseph Mac Isaac ( Mon, 21 Jan 2013 00:16:04 +0000 To:

  2. Joan Johnson says:

    My husband had the radical surgery in 2007 followed by 35 radiation treatments and 1 Lupron injection after the radiation all done at Essentia Health in Duluth, MN. PSA gradually going up and is now 2.84, feels good, except pain in right hip area, had a bone scan, no cancer noted in bones, just a tad of arteritis. We want to know if he is a canidate for the Choline 11 Pet scan, They want him to start Casadex treatment by his next appointment in April, and then go on to Lupron, What is you opinion? Waiting for advice. Thank you….Signed Vern Johnson, 1905 Grant Ave Cloquet, Mn 55720 E mail – Ryjovern@mchsi,com

    • I do not have all the details of your husband situation.
      I would definitely consider the Choline 11 PET scan so you know what are you treating and you will have a baseline to compare later to demonstrate response to treatment.
      I am not sure he needs the complete hormonal blockade.
      I need more details.
      Please let us know if you do the Choline PET scan what was the result.
      Coach Barken