Prostate Cancer Prevention: The Role of PSA Testing, Biospies and Newer Screening Techniques

The article: Serum index proPSA and Prostate Health Index are more accurate than prostate specific antigen and free-PSA in predicting a positive repeat prostate biopsy. To see the abstract, go to:.

 Dr. Barken explains the Pro PSA test and discusses an
article demonstrating the potential benefit of Pro-PSA.
Info about Dr. Catalona Interview:
Andrew Schorr of Patient Power interviews Dr. William
Catalona on PSA testing, biopsies and newer screening
 techniques.  (Dr. Barken was trained by Dr. Catalona at
Barnes Hospital in St. Louis.)
The value of PSA testing  has been questioned by a U.S.
advisory panel, but there are few options for prostate cancer
screening.  Dr. William Catalona, a pioneer in developing the
PSA test, stresses its continued importance, even when
considering its imperfections.  He also discusses newer tests to
confirm  prostate cancer that may help reduce the need for biopsies,
such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI),  the Pro-PSA blood test
(recently approved in the European Union) and the new PCA3 urine
test, now approved by the FDA.
Andrew Schorr runs a web site by the name Patient Power.  His
slogan is: “ Knowledge can be the best medicine of all”.  To find
more about Patient Power please go to
Dr. Catalona Interview:
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