Early Immune Therapy

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Question of the week: 

Can immunotherapy benefit men at an earlier stage of prostate cancer?

2 video presentations below:
1 ) Andrew Schorr interviews Dr. Paul Schellhammer about
Active Immunotherapy.  In this video, Dr. Schellhammer discusses
recent research that suggests that active immunotherapy could be
used to treat earlier stages of prostate cancer and shares his
perspective about what he believes this means for men with less
advanced disease. Dr. Schellhammer also explains how this research
changes the landscape of treatment and what he feels are developing
 areas of hope for men with men with advanced and/or metastatic disease.
Andrew Schorr runs a web site called Patient Power.  His slogan is:
“Knowledge can be the best medicine of all”.  To find more about
Patient Power, please go to www.patientpower.info
2) In addition, Dr. Barken talks about studies from clinicaltrial.gov
showing the ongoing research with Provenge and early prostate
cancer disease.
Please click below to watch the video
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