Young man with Gleason Score 6

For the Ask Dr Barken Call In Show on Tuesday, 

Nov. 20th at 6pm Pacific

Dial 1-877-727-3301 to hear the program and speak with Dr. Barken.  You may leave a question before the show by dialing the same number and recording your question.

Question of the week: 

What should I do?  I’m 53, Gleason 6, PSA 4, newly diagnosed, and I’m trying to figure out my best moves.  Dr. Barken, do you have any  recommendations for me? 



Dr. Barken responds to the email of a 53 y/o man with Gleason 6 who wants to know what approach to take.   Dr. Barken presents his philosophy of minimum intervention and maximum surveillance.

Article of the week:

Magnetic resonance imaging for predicting prostate biopsy findings in patients considered for active surveillance of clinically low risk prostate cancer.  Click Here

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