New treatments for advanced prostate cancer- Dr. Scholz lecture.

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Tuesday, May 1st at 6pm Pacific
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Question of the week:

What are some of the new treatments for advanced
prostate cancer? – Lecture by Dr. Mark Scholz
The related article of the week:
A new era for castrate resistant prostate cancer:
A treatment review and update. J Oncol Pharm Pract.
2012 Feb 16.  Fong, M.K., Hare, R., Jarkowski, A.

Video Blog Presentation:

Dr. Barken introduces a lecture by Dr. Mark Scholz
from Prostate Oncology Specialists. 

Upcoming Video Interview – Dr. Jelle Barentsz. 

Please send your questions about Combidex- MRI to, and Dr. Barken will present the questions to Dr. Barentsz during the interview.

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