Question: Shall I do a biopsy of the prostate?

The following question is for the Ask Dr Barken

Call In Show on Tuesday, Feb. 7th at 6pm Pacific

Time.  Dial 1-877-727-3301 to hear the program.

Question of the week:  

An email from a patient gave brief medical history

and ended with this question, Should I do a biopsy?”



Optimizing Repeat Prostate Biopsy Decisions and

Procedures.  BJU Int 2011 Dec 22.  Kirby R. 

The Prostate Centre, London, UK Mater Misericordiae

Hospital and University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland


Dr. Barken answers the question and presents a video

commentary on Tues. Feb. 7th about whether to biopsy

or not, and what specifics to factor in when facing that

decision. He covers initial biopsy, repeat biopsy and

biopsy during Active Surveillance.

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