Multi Parametric MRI- Combidex and Ferumoxytol with Dr. J. Barentsz

Question: Although my bone scan and CT scan are negative, my PSA is rising after surgery.  What tests can I do to find out if I have prostate cancer in the lymph nodes?

1.  Dr. Barken will discuss strategies to define metastatic disease in the lymph nodes.

2.  A video presentation by Dr. J. Barentsz on The European Experience with Multi Parametric MRI.  In the lecture, Dr. Barentsz also comments on Combidex and Ferumoxytol/Feraheme.  The lecture was recorded at a PCRI conference earlier this year.

The audio portion of the lecture by Dr. Barentsz will be broadcast on the Ask Dr Barken Call In Show on Tuesday, Dec. 5 at 6pm Pacific Time.  Dial 1-877-727-3301 to hear the program.

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