Pet Scans- Dr. H. Jadvar, University of Southern California

Question:  What’s the role of PET scans in defining recurrent, progressive disease? 

 We continue our focus on the M.I.A.principles (Markers, Imaging, and Assessment) in this week’s Video Post and the Ask Dr. Barken Show.  These are the principles I use in Patient Coaching Sessions to accurately evaluate each individual.   The PET scan is becoming an important tool in evaluating prostate cancer disease. 

Video and Discussion:   

This week we have a lecture by Dr. H. Jadvar from the University of Southern California, who explains the use of PET Scansfor evaluation of prostate cancer.   The lecture was given  a recent PCRI meeting of radiology experts.

This week’s article:

The role of PET/computed tomography scan in the management of prostate cancer.  Curr Opin Urol 21:230–236, 2001.  Maria Picchioa, Elisabetta Giovanninia and Cristina Messab.

The key points of this article are:

  1. 11C/18 F Choline PET scan is recommended to evaluate patients with biochemical recurrence, looking for lesions in the lymph nodes and the bone.

  2. 11C/18F- Choline is not used for primary staging of prostate cancer.

  3. 11C- acetate is considered investigational for pre and post treatment management of prostate cancer.

  4. 18F- fluoride is investigational but has a clinical role in detection of skeletal disease before and after treatment.

To access the article –

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