Duke Bahn M.D. – Color Doppler Ultrasound: Its Diagnostic Impact on Patient Care

Dr. Duke Bahn explains Color Doppler Ultrasound and how is it used for Diagnosis, Biopsy, Active Surveillance and Recurrent Disease, in a presentation at a recent PCRI meeting of radiology experts.

Dr. Duke Bahn Phone number: 805-585-3082 or toll free at 888-234-0004.

For more info:  web site : The Prostate Institute of America.

In individual Patient Coaching Sessions, I use the term M.I.A.   “M” stands for Markers , “I” stands for Imaging and “A” stands for Assessment.  Using M.I.A. allows us to  evaluate and stage patients accurately. 

We continue to look at these M.I.A. principles in our next Video Post and Ask Dr. Barken Call In show.

I encourage you to call in and record your questions by dialing 1-877-727-3301 which is an open line for questions 24/7.    Enjoy the presentation!

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