Role of Multi-Parametric MRI in diagnosis, pre-operative planning, active surveillance monitoring and defining recurrent disease.

This week we have a lecture by Dr. Dan Margolis from UCLA who explains Multi Parametric MRI and how is it used for Diagnosis, Biopsy, Active Surveillance , Recurrent Disease and Metastatic Disease.  This presentation was given by Dr. Margolis during a recent PCRI meeting of radiology experts.

Those of you who know about my individual Patient Coaching Sessions have heard me use the term M.I.A.   These letters encapsulate my philosophy of evaluating patients accurately at each stage of their disease.  “M” stands for Markers , “I” stands for Imaging and “A” stands for Assessment.

Markers, Imaging and Assessment are needed to successfully monitor both the course of the disease and the response to treatment.  If you’re going to fight smart against prostate cancer, you need benchmarks for comparison.  In our next Video Posts and Ask Dr. Barken Call In shows, we will focus on these principles.

I encourage you to call in and record your questions by dialing 1-877-727-3301 which is an open line for questions 24/7.

Enjoy the presentation!

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