Cholesterol, Testosterone and Prostate Cancer

Tom’s question is:

“In some foods, cholesterol promotes production of testosterone.  Those foods are cruciferous vegetables, olive oil and cranberries.  Those that decrease testosterone include alcohol, especially beer, vegetarian diets, fish oil and eating more protein than carbohydrates.  What do you think about the connection between cholesterol and testosterone?  What dietary suggestions do you have?  Should I drink more beer and eat more broccoli?

The answer:  Have your beer, in moderation, and have your broccoli too, also in moderation.  🙂

Cholesterol does not promote production, but serves as a pre-cursor for the production of testosterone.  There is no known correlation between increased testosterone and incidence of prostate cancer.  Actually, there are some studies that show that low testosterone at the time of diagnosis may be a bad prognostic sign for prostate cancer.  There is no correlation between increase in testosterone and the progression of prostate cancer.  The only correlation is seen in patients who are treated with hormonal deprivation and whose PSA rises between less that 20 ng/ml up to about 300 ng/ml (lower normal).  Once the testosterone rises the higher level, the PSA may not rise at all.  This the Saturation Theory.  I hope to relate to the issues of testosterone and prostate cancer again in future blogs.

Besides the vegetables I recommended in the video, I want to stress the importance of Omega-3 , which is plentiful in fish.  That is why I think it is important to eat at least two portions of fish a week.

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