Ask Dr. Barken Call In Show- Testosterone Replacement , Large Prostate and More Questions

This week, Dr. Barken Answers the following questions:

1.  Herb P:  Should I be doing testosterone replacement after RP?  PSA is 0 and I’m 10 years after surgery.
2.  Conrad B:   Should I have a Millin’s Suprapubic Prostatectomy or just Watchful Waiting?  I have a very large prostate, 286 grams, PSA 9.3.
3.  Bill:   What is the effect of chronic appendicitis on my prostate?  PSA fluctuating between 7-8. Had 2 Negative Biopsies.
4.  Art D:  When will HIFU will be available in the U.S.? 
5.  Lee F:  My bone scan is positive.  Can I still exercise?  Will exercise make the tumor more active?
6.  Jerry H:  Is MCP and Hemp Oil having a positive effect my PSA?  PSA was 19, going down now, Gleason 7.
7.  Stanley K:  What is the difference between Active Surveillance and Watchful Waitng?
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