Tues.July 5- Ask Dr. Barken Show – Persistent elevated PSA after RP, PSMA and TARP Peptide Vaccine after initial treatment failure, Genistein

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1.  Featured Article:  
Persistently elevated prostate-specific antigen
at six weeksafter radical prostatectomy helps in
early identification of patients who are likely to recur.
World J Urol, June 2011.
2. Clinical Trial Segment:  
PSMA and TARP Peptide Vaccine With Poly IC-LC
Adjuvant in HLA-A2 (+) Patients With Elevated PSA
After Initial Definitive Treatment.
3.  Nutrition, Lifestyle and Prevention Segment: 
Efficacy and Safety of Short-Term Genistein Intervention
in Patients with Localized Prostate Cancer Prior to
Radical Prostatectomy: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, 
Double-Blind Phase 2 Clinical Trial.  Nutrition Cancer June 29, 2011
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Coach Israel Barken, M.D.
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2 Responses to Tues.July 5- Ask Dr. Barken Show – Persistent elevated PSA after RP, PSMA and TARP Peptide Vaccine after initial treatment failure, Genistein

  1. Andre Ray says:

    I wanted to know what are some commom early symptons of prostate cancer

    • Question from Andre.
      “I wanted to know what are some common early symptoms of prostate cancer.”
      Coach Barken’s response:
      When prostate cancer is in the early stages, you may not get any symptoms at all. The only possible indication that you may have prostate cancer is the PSA blood test. It is not specific to prostate cancer, since benign prostate can also make PSA. The changes in the PSA and the levels of PSA may increase the suspicion for prostate cancer. There are other tests that may suggest you have prostate cancer, such as Free PSA and Urine PCA3. In the early stages there may not be any symptoms at all. There is only a hint from some of these blood and urine tests.
      However, when the prostate cancer is advanced and the patient is not aware of having the disease, then he may experience symptoms that are not specific to prostate cancer. These symptoms need to be evaluated, since they may be due to other benign conditions. The symptoms are: difficulty urinating, pain in the area of the prostate, pain in the bones and general weakness.
      I hope this response clarifies the issue of symptoms and prostate cancer for you.